Friday, March 28, 2008

Phyllis frequently falls asleep on her own feet-

Week 2

They're less than a week old, but they're not babies anymore. In the past day, our chicks have become little girls. Today when we came home and sat down to play with the chicks, we noticed that in less than a day Millie had gotten bigger and more mature-looking (we saw that with Flo yesterday). We also noticed that while Millie and Flo had sprouted full wings, Phyllis still had her little incomplete things sticking out. It was hard to get pictures of them tonight because they were running around all over the place and flapping their new wings. Then, in the course of one set of flapping, Phyllis suddenly had full wings.

Phyllis wings before (5 minutes before)

Phillis wings after... (can you see how they unfolded?)

A group shot of the girls at week 2

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peeps in the house


week 1

Despite growing up in a crowded L.A. suburb, we had three city chickens. I always planned to have them again, once I had my own house.

However, it was actually Lorraine that launched us into full city-chicken planning mode...

A little research revealed that lots of people keep "city chickens" these days, especially in Seattle. As a result, we started planning own backyard flock.

This weekend, we finally got our chicks.

Meet Millie, Flo and Phyllis. Millie is an Americana, Flo is a Gold laced Wyandotte, and Phyllis, my favorite, is a Buff Orpington.

When they grow up, they will look like this:

Since we blew it on the house warming for our house, we plan to have a chicken-house warming party for the girls when the house is finally finished.