Sunday, June 29, 2008

I lied...

Sort of. So I won't bet getting the girls drunk- Lorraine points out that this would not be responsible chicken-owner behavior, and she is right.

But I will post an update of the girls. I promise to limit the update to mostly pics- since,well you know, a thousand words and all... (well actually, I will freely admit that my updates are far less entertaining than Lorraine's)

Essentially, the chickens are bigger, better and starting to plump out like real chickens.

Of particular note this month, the girls have discovered that they love blueberries. And I mean 'love' in the way a crack-head loves crack. Toss one in their direction, and instantly three sets of eagle... well, chicken eyes fasten onto this minuscule globe. Before it has even hit the ground, all three birds are flapping and scrabbling to be the first one to snatch it up and run flying across the yard in a ridiculous game of keep-away. They can maintain this for several minutes, until there is so little of the blueberry left, that someone just swallows it. (The same thing happens to moths that they discover in the lawn, alas...).

Flo is also becoming more spectacular, with shinning gold feathers rimmed by black (difficult to capture by camera) - but Millie remains the favorite, possibly because of her silly "ear muffs" but most likely because she is so extremely friendly and inquisitive.

(Millie right, Flo, left)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have to appologize for the lack of updates. I seem to have lost the camera and there doesn't seem to be much point in blogging without some sort of photographic evidence of progress...

Needless to say, our blog is a bit dull and Lorraine is a bit put out.

I promise to make it up to everyone once I find the camera by getting a pic of Millie the next time she hits the sauce.

However, in the interests of staying somewhat current, I will say that the chicks are definitely looking more like chickens these days, and Flo is getting downright pretty. The neighbors are also big fans by now, and even grumpy grandma was seen to be smiling at the girls as they spun crazily around the yard last night in pursuit of moths. (I let them out into the bigger yard when I grill, although I will not admit what it was that I was grilling last night...).