Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Egg Has Landed

Yep, we found our first egg the other day! Flo laid it in a dirt ditch off the patio (off course). It was a remarkably large and well-shaped egg, just a bit skinny.

Today we got another egg, properly laid in the nesting box with a little hay nest dug in around it, but much smaller and pocky-looking. Sarah thinks that it's Phyllis's, but I think it's Flo's. I think she just got it unusually right on the first try and the second one was weird looking (as the first usually is).

We're hoping they continue to lay in the nesting box so we don't have to have an Easter egg hunt around the yard every day. As soon as we found the first one, we put a plastic egg in the box to convince them that that's where the eggs go. Apparently, this works because, well, chickens just aren't all that smart.

But they do lay tasty eggs. Maybe we'll have an omelet this weekend?