Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moving Day

So we've been really lame and haven't updated the blog in a while, which apparently has more fans than I would have expected. Frankly, I've been really busy doing a ton of stuff to the chicken coop to make it as cute and as easy to maintain as possible. The former owners left us paint, so the coop is painted the same way as the house (except for one wall that I've left white so Sarah can paint a fruity mural on it). I also primed the whole interior and put down some scrap vinyl flooring since I have become very familiar with the cement-like properties of dried chicken poop. Behold.

The girls officially moved out of their "parents" basement and into their own place yesterday. They seemed a bit nervous about the whole thing, and possibly chilly. However, we have a ceramic heat bulb in there that we turned on overnight because, well, we're those insane people who spoil their chickens.

So, to go back some weeks, after our last posting in the awkward early adolescent period things progressed quickly. The girls kept growing and getting more feathers and eventually they stopped looking like hideous monsters. Even Phyllis is turning into a rather attractive, fluffy little chicken. At some point they couldn't get enough of running around their basement room. Every time we lifted the cover off the brooder, Mildred would pop up to the rim instantly to check us out and the other two would follow. They often played, well, Chicken, as they tried to balance on the slippery plastic rim and knock each other off American Gladiators style. The running around the room was fun to watch except for the inevitable clean-up of copious amounts of poop. The cramped quarters in the brooder and farm smell in the house just got to be too much, and so moving day arrived.


maxicolors said...

Your girls are just darling!! I love their new home where they live in the back yard, and all three of them seem really happy.

I look forward to reading more about them.

Barbara Taylor

maxicolors said...

Oh, by the way, your little peeps are soooooo cute!!!